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  • Saturday Breakfast

    We talked of Chris Speilman's suit against using his image as a football player (he played at The Ohio State University, as if I have to tell anyone) without paying him. I'd read this yesterday on the Internet but Tom had the paper with him. Both identified Spielman as suing Ohio State, but we agreed that the issue was larger.

    The way I see it, the issue is advertising. What the headline writer does, what has happened to Ohio Stadium and what Woody Hayes thought of all of this came into play. We laughed.

    Tom spoke of The Graduate and what kind of car he was driving. I didn't remember the car but one of Tom's friends got one. Product placement has become even more powerful. We laughed.

    There was a story about losing keys and how getting in the wrong car is common now. I know the feeling. Placing your car in the parking lot is no longer a guarantee you'll walk toward it. Fortunately, there is that thing on the key.

    We laughed.
    Barrett L. Dorko