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    Tom began speaking today of the Cape May County Zoo and how much he's seen it grow. Somewhere in there is the singing (?) of Jessica Simpson and her former marriage to Nick Lechey.

    Our conversations have a quality not often heard (or paid attention to) by many. They're full of references that many would not get or understand. I think of things but don't mention them. The writing handles some of that.

    Tom keeps some bees and he spoke of how the hives have altered to combat the die off of them now that's happened. He drew a diagram of how his father had built a blowtorch many years ago using their car. No doubt he was a genius. Tom was eight years but drew the diagram nearly seventy years later. This led to a discussion of the original calculators, how stories are enduring and much laughter.

    The absurdity of the way practice has gone and the lack of detection, understanding and humor it possesses now isn't far from our minds. I sense that the tendency to conflate things is at the root of this. Of course, I might be wrong.

    I'll laugh and go on.
    Barrett L. Dorko