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  • I won't be rushed

    Why do you move so slowly?

    My grandson, to me
    I'm in no hurry.

    Hand-written sign in the back window of a car
    I told another person about this sign I saw years ago and he laughed. I think it's pretty funny too - and I was probably running races then. I knew I would slow down eventually. Because of this, I'm not anxious or impatient. At least I try not to be.

    I recently had my neurologist's nurse give me a lecture about "dead weight" and how it was always harder to lift because it was dead. I'm big man (I may have mentioned that) and when I fall, getting up is a problem because I weigh so much. How much I can help tends to vary. I don't assume the fall itself will kill me. I've lifted many weights over the years. I don't remember any of them being alive.

    Of course, I said none of this - but I've thought about her comment. She doesn't know who I am.

    I explained to my grandson why I walk with care. I was gentle and kind, but I may have spoken slower than he would have wanted.
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    Barrett L. Dorko

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    This reminds me of my late grandmother.

    She was not big. In fact she was tiny and physically frail having contracted polio as a child. She was, however, one of the sharpest minds I knew. She had a saying:

    "Better to arrive late, than dead on time"

    She never rushed. I'm not sure she would have even if she could.

    Everything she did was measured.

    I think I've only begun to appreciate that now.


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      As always, I'm glad to hear from you.

      I was able to run well at one time. I remember another runner in a race calling me "big guy." I always liked it when people called me that.

      Anyway, I was not small, but reached my full height and size some time in college. I was a late bloomer - size wise.
      Barrett L. Dorko


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        My size (part of my genetic inheritance) is something I have noticed but not as often as other things I've inherited. Another grandson has noticed how slowly I walk but he's not said anything.

        I've some thoughtfulness, intelligence and nerdyness that is in me, along with some salesmanship and a need to write. I think of these things and can point to things in my past that I can "blame" or assign to my "nature." This depends upon which is most convenient. I don't speak much (I may have mentioned that) so I don't really "know." I'm comfortable with not knowing.

        I wonder about them though.
        Barrett L. Dorko


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          I don't "feel" as much as some therapists. I tend to think and detect a lot. I suppose many might sense things that escape me.

          Still, I've defended what I do and written of it endlessly. How I got this way is something I wonder about.

          Do you ever wonder?
          Barrett L. Dorko