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    Tom began talking about "the unwritten rules of baseball" and I knew a couple. I agreed with several others. Can you think of some?

    The role of unions was spoken of. I think that Jimmy Hoffa disappeared long ago, not that he isn't spoken of. Not everyone knows what happened. My dad was a teamster and I think he voted for Jimmy a couple of times - not that he had a lot of choice. It was complex.

    I mentioned the title of the book Faster and we spoke of fractals and the butterfly effect as well. Sure enough Tom's daughter answered his tweet sooner than would have happened a short time ago. "Our computer overlords" is a phrase I've used to express many things. What does it mean?

    We spoke of the difference between a falsehood and a lie as well. I've written of this recently, and I told Tom what George Costanza said about this.

    He laughed.
    Barrett L. Dorko