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    A new place to have breakfast this morning, but the conversation was as eclectic.

    It started off with some talk about how powerful some things were though they are considered in the same category. I maintain that some findings (on physical exam, for instance) are more powerful than others and Tom agreed. This doesn't mean other things shouldn't be known about. It's the basis of any discussion. Each party knowing things that is.

    There's a lot I don't know.

    As usual, we discussed politics and religion. It's interesting to both of us that such subjects are taboo in many venues. Not ours.

    Coaches and the Indians (the Cleveland baseball team) came up. Jack Tatum was mentioned. I've written of him and he was referred to as a "monster back". I remember seeing him walk down the hall a long time ago and he scared me to death. Who wants to see a monster coming down the hall?

    We spoke of Andy Griffith too. He was a good man, but flawed. He knew it and showed others how empathetic he could be.

    As always, it was a great breakfast.
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