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  • Titanic Sunday IV

    ...most of the ship's passengers never made it onto a lifeboat.

    Charles River Editors
    There was a prolonged report on what happened aboard the ship after it hit that iceberg. The stories are horrific, and the lack of training, communication and preparation contributed to this tragedy. There are stories of heroism and conflict. In other words, instinct drove many to act as they did, and they were all human.

    What struck me was that many didn't want to leave the "safety" that surrounded them by a much larger ship then the lifeboats they were to enter.

    Does this situation bring anything to mind?
    Barrett L. Dorko

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    who moved my cheese?


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      I'm wary of clicking on that last thing. I won't do it.

      Anyway, the Carpathia, which saved the survivors from the Titanic, had to dodge several icebergs on its way. There's an analogy in there, but I haven't figured out what it is.

      Maybe you can.
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      Barrett L. Dorko


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        Though about 700 were saved in the lifeboats, well over 1000 were lost. Although much was made of the locking of the gates against the steerage passengers (for dramatic effect) most steerage passengers simply didn't know of the sinking until it was either too late or all the lifeboats were gone. It was a mess.

        There is some references in the latest film to the lack of lifeboats and the speed at which the Titanic was traveling and these were also addressed in the senate hearings that ensued. Interestingly, they included the testimony of Ismay, a featured player in the movie and often vilified for his role in the sinking of the Titanic. Ismay argued against the number of lifeboats on the ship so that first class passengers would have more room to stroll. He was overruled, but didn't include that detail in his senate testimony.

        Anyway, my point is that the ship wasn't supposed to sink. The sea had been conquered and modern engineering would prevail.

        Yea, right.
        Barrett L. Dorko


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          "...we welcome it (Ismay regarding the senate investigation)...We have nothing to conceal; nothing to hide...She (the Titanic) was not built by contract. She was simply built on a commission."

          Ismay in his address to the senate.
          Contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder. The Titanic "commission" expected a return on their investment.
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          Barrett L. Dorko


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            Ismay made an enemy of William Randolph Hearst. This was not the man you wanted against you when you were in the public eye. He not only bought ink by the barrel, he printed (or had printed) anything he wanted and would sell papers.

            The Titanic tragedy created in the public a need for something to blame.

            Ismay was it. He did several heroic things but is remembered in one way. He was far more complex than that, but our tendency to simplify human beings overwhelmed any hint of that.

            Is the therapist's tendency to simplify any complaint of pain similar?
            Barrett L. Dorko