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  • Whence instinct

    In the manner that I handle, sense and treat people I continually encounter the nature of instinct; its origins, its manifestation and its persistent influence.

    Saying exactly where this comes from, how I deal with it, how I deal with my own –well, it’s not easy.

    But several books, essays and articles have come together for me and I want to write an intermittent series about this in an effort to understand it more clearly.

    Let’s start with this essay

    My work seems to be about creating an environment that makes it safe to express something that our culture has sought to extinguish; the complete expression of instinctive, corrective movement. Portions of this activity are seen in our shifting about as we sit. Beyond a certain point it is called fidgeting, and we can usually count on any one near us to express disapproval of it.
    I think that at this point I begin to diverge from the cultural norm. The issues that come to mind: How does this instinct on the patient’s part begin to meld with my own instinct to use it? Is what I possess in the way of a desire to understand it rightfully called an instinct?

    More soon.
    Barrett L. Dorko

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    On my Facebook page someone commented and I was reminded of this old thread featuring the insights in Claxton's book.
    Barrett L. Dorko


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      Incognito has also been mentioned on Facebook.

      I'd recommend this thread for more about that.
      Barrett L. Dorko