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    Hi Deborah! Welcome to somasimple. Loved your post. I think you might have found yourself a place to hang out. I appreciate that you feel the site is a bit daunting - it is quite big actually, so here is a link that might help you: Index Page

    Also, I'm going to start a new thread in the Welcome forum by copying this post to it. I'll send you a link to all this if I can find your registration email address, in just a few minutes. Please do come by again. We are mostly all PTs here, and we feel quite a lot the same as you.
    HumanAntiGravitySuit blog
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    SomaSimple on Facebook

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      Deborah, where in geography are you? We need a new pediatric physio Aug 1 if you want to move.

      Your intro post is on your user profile page, along with my answers. Click on your own name if you can't find it . The usual way is to click on User CP in the top left corner of the box above the thread.

      Guess learning is a lifestyle, not a passtime.
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        hallo Deborah
        Nice to see more paediatric physiotherapists on board.
        We are a little "different".
        I would personly like to know a bit more about what Barett said about the Bobaths. Will see if I can find that. My girslfriend/colleagues was trained by them and was an international teacher for many years. Like me she trained in more methods , such as Vojta and sensoromotor therapy and that was before our new general paediatric postgraduate study started (beginning 1990´s) In Holland we (many of us) have left the path of "the methods" and are much more into EBM and functional physiotherapy.(M.Ketelaar Functional approach to physical therapy in CP 1999).

        Look forward to communicating with you.
        Esther de Ru


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          is it possible to get the full text from M.Ketelaar Functional approach to physical therapy in CP 1999...??

          I would be very interested. thanks alot.


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            Its not a document, its a book.

            Children with Cerebral Palsy: A functional approach to physical therapy.
            Marjolein Ketelaar isbn 90 5166 683 7
            Can be ordered at

            an article was written in Physical Therapy about it in 2001

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