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  • Barrett's Newsletter

    I'm just about to send out my sixth Simple Contact Newsletter to an ever growing list of course participants and Soma Simple fans who have asked to receive it.

    This list would be a good deal longer if I hadn't forgotten to ask for people to sign up at a couple of classes and if I'd made it clear that I needed legible email addresses from those interested.

    So, if someone out there wants this short bit of news about manual care and the way the culture of therapy interacts with the culture at large, email me at and I'll include you. If you've been expecting one and haven't received it, please try again.

    Meanwhile, I'll try to do better when inviting others.
    Barrett L. Dorko

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    Barrett, would you consider pdf'ing them and linking them here?
    HumanAntiGravitySuit blog
    Neurotonics PT Teamblog
    Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division (Archived newsletters, paincasts)
    Canadian Physiotherapy Association Pain Science Division Facebook page
    WCPT PhysiotherapyPainNetwork on Facebook
    Neuroscience and Pain Science for Manual PTs Facebook page

    SomaSimple on Facebook

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      Great idea, Diane.
      Jason Silvernail DPT, DSc, FAAOMPT
      Board-Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
      Fellowship-Trained in Orthopedic Manual Therapy

      Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

      The views expressed in this entry are those of the author alone and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the US Government.


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        I'd like that too. I must have missed something Barrett, you are up to no. six already and I haven't seen any of them!
        Luke Rickards


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          Yeah, I need on that list too.

          Nick Matheson, PT
          Strengthen Your Health


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            Me too!

            ( I feel like I'm six again just for the teensiest moment!!)


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              Yeah, I had no idea you were sending these out.
              How come I don't get any?
              Do you have to go through your certification course first?
              Jason Silvernail DPT, DSc, FAAOMPT
              Board-Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
              Fellowship-Trained in Orthopedic Manual Therapy

              Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

              The views expressed in this entry are those of the author alone and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the US Government.


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                I'll chime in here to advocate that people sign up for the newsletter for the low low price of emailing Barrett. I suggest this for a number of reasons. One is that Barrett offers plenty of his writing here for free already. The other is that since the newsletter is the Simple Contact Newsletter it has some commercial value that we aren't extending to other folks.
                "I did a small amount of web-based research, and what I found is disturbing"--Bob Morris


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                  I agree with Jon's thoughts.



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                    Okay, this is the one and only time I intend to post the Simple Contact Newsletter here on Soma Simple. Those wishing to obtain these weekly will need to send me an email at so that I might add them to the list safely. Please feel free to forward the text to anyone you might feel is interested.

                    I want to reach people who have shown both a desire and reluctance to reach back. That's why I chose the link contained below.


                    I’ve emailed out 6 Simple Contact Newsletters at this point and find that this project is, to put it kindly, evolving. Others might say that it’s a complete mess but evolutionary processes often appear so throughout the course of their development. Since most of this mess is the end result of my own ineptness I won’t bore you with the details.

                    It occurred to me that though most of my students express a distinct interest in the subjects I bring forth in class almost none take the next step toward learning in this way. I hand out access to the Internet but know that another nudge is necessary and thus the Newsletter idea was born.

                    Here’s my plan: I will each week choose a topic or notion that I’ve written of in the past and expand upon it briefly, offering links to further information. Anyone with a comment may reply and I will include those in a future Newsletter, if given permission.

                    As I walked with Buckeye this morning it occurred to me that I’ve spent most of my career reaching toward colleagues who seem unwilling to reach back. An essay I wrote some time ago titled “One Hand Clapping: Physical Therapy Practice in the Twenty First Century” came to mind and you’ll find it here:

                    It says in part: “Think of Whyte’s original contention that individuality begins at the point of engagement, at that moment when we meet another to whom we can relate and create something together. He speaks of his experience as a guide in the Galapagos Islands years ago, of how the animals seemed not to have read any of the books about their behavior that he had, and how it took months of quiet observation on his part before the islands revealed themselves to him “on their own terms.”

                    I imagine that any clinician would relate to this. At least, I do. As I think back over my long career, it seems obvious now that my patients often behaved in ways that I never anticipated, having only read about what they were supposed to do. And I’ve spent a lot of time quietly waiting for them to reveal ways of understanding their problems. I found that this happens in its own time, and that my attention and presence is all that is required. No less than that, though.

                    This brings me to my last point-that if our practice does not commonly include our actual presence; it will resemble the “one hand clapping”, in fact, the feeling of exile and frustration that the image evokes.”

                    There’s a good deal more here but I’ll leave that for you to find. Suffice it to say that our patients aren’t the only ones who need our presence – we need to find it in each other.

                    My best,
                    Barrett L. Dorko


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                      The more involved I become with SC, especially within the last few months, the more I'm really beginning to understand the concept and the need to be present. When patients say that I have "gifted" hands, I try to explain what this work is really about. Most can't get by the "hands" part--so I wind up smiling and saying thank you. One hand clapping, or does a tree make a sound when it falls if there's no one in the forest to listen? Still embarrassed that it's taken 20 yrs to come to this point.
                      " I speak Spanish to God, French to women, English to men, and Japanese to my horse."------Buckaroo Banzai


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                        The value of having someone being truly attentive and caring for you has long been underestimated.

                        I know that is not a scientific description but MAYBE one day it will be!


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                          I still promote you as "the greatest home health care therapist in the US." I said this on Long Island (your home) a few weeks ago and got complete silence in response. Guess I have to work on my delivery.

                          Again, anybody at a recent course who signed up for the newsletter and did not receive one today needs to send me an email at

                          I've lost some contacts, misread a few and Buckeye ate a few more, so if you really want this, write me.

                          I just know that some time in the near future someone will say to me, "Hey! Where's that newsletter you promised!?"

                          Short of coming to your home and reading it aloud to you this is all I can actually do.
                          Barrett L. Dorko


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                            Wow, 245 views and six whole requests for the Newsletter. I must really be on to something!

                            Right now I'm working on a way of getting legible email addresses out of my students. This has proven to be a major obstacle in the formation of a list and one I hadn't anticipated. I'm not kidding, half can't be read with certainty.

                            Asking others to email me doesn't seem all that reliable either given the anemic response.

                            I'll have another shot at the state of Florida next week with this and let you know how it goes. In the meantime, anybody have any ideas?
                            Barrett L. Dorko


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                              I assume that you already emphasize that their e-mail address will not be used for any advertising....and that the letter is not 12 pages. If you do not yet do that - maybe that gets you 1 or 2 more.
                              Otherwise, I have no constructive suggestions for you.
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