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  • Four or so ideas

    This thread, published last year, supplements the blog post this morning that reflects my effort to get a single idea across to those attending my workshops.

    The single idea?

    We are self-corrective.

    Simple, obvious, inherent to the idea of mechanical deformation as an origin of pain and leads directly to a defensible method formed from a premise that can be clearly stated.

    Oh yes, it’s almost completely unknown, forgotten if learned and confused with healing by those who throw words around as if their meaning wasn’t important. I use the metaphor of a fish in water to draw some parallels here.

    The Four Corners post from last year indicated that Ideomotion, Evolutionary Reasoning, Origin and Essential vs. Nominal Diagnosis were the ideas I wanted to emphasize. Each is written of in essays on my website but I speak of them metaphorically when I teach.

    Still, something’s lacking, and I wonder at the absence of follow up.

    Maybe this thread will help.
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    Barrett L. Dorko

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    I'm thinking of altering the sequence in which I teach and what I might emphasize

    Working on it, but would love to have participants here express their confusion.
    Barrett L. Dorko