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    Posted by Barrett<script language="JavaScript1.3" type="text/javascript"> document.write(timestamp(new Date(2004,7,24,23,24,0), dfrm, tfrm, 0, 0, 0, 0)); </script> (Member # 67) on 25-08-2004 06:24<noscript>August 24, 2004 11:24 PM</noscript>:

    It’s been a quiet week in Cuyahoga Falls…

    I heard it again yesterday as I walked out of my building’s back door; the trill of a few clarinets and piccolos, the pounding of the drums and the brass leading the melody-the Tiger Band has begun fall practice once again.

    In August of ’99 I heard this and wrote my first column for Rehab Edge. Each year the free outdoor concert heard from my parking lot reminds me that I’ve managed to put out another fifty-some. Few are planned beyond a general idea and then the writing takes over. Triggered by the drums this week I waited for some connection to my clinical life and it showed up in the form of a lovely woman who spent a few years working for me in the past. Busy enough back then to warrant the use of an aide, I advertised and interviewed until I saw Lois walking serenely across my parking lot. “That’s the one,” I thought, and for the next few years she made my life a lot easier.

    For the first time in many years the Falls High band has a new director. Prior to this, only two men have occupied the position during the past fifty years. This, it occurs to me, is very like the left offensive tackle position for the Cleveland Browns held by just three men over a 28 year period. Okay, well, that might not be all that relevant. Anyway, such a change is bound to be difficult in a number of ways, and though the task of half time entertainment remains the same, how any marching band goes about this can take many forms.

    Another year and my practice continues to limp along. My thinking and method haven’t changed significantly and a few months ago I finally figured out how I might have avoided so much trouble if I had just not dared to offer a new method to match the new science of neurobiology (See ‘Where’s the revolution?” in the Bullypit). Too late to stop now, I guess. I’m wondering if the new Tiger Band director might have any new ideas about how to place his charges on the field or perhaps alter their patented sound. I felt a bit uneasy about this but tried to remember that change is inevitable, good even, necessary for growth and simply a part of life.

    Still, there’s something about the drum cadences that greet me every year at this time. Like the bite in the early morning temperature and the darkness when I waken, like the familiar parking spot and the sound of traffic on Portage Trail, I find comfort in this and feel certain I’ll find them each day, each year. I think my patients prefer the same therapist every time as well, even if the therapy itself is a little unexpected at first.

    These days I see Lois as a patient occasionally. Her appreciation for the Tiger Band began long before my own. She was a majorette back in ’48 and I was not yet born. She loves it when I remind her of this.

    Today we were talking about the new director and she grew quiet for a moment. And then she looked at me, her face as serious as I’ve ever seen it. “You don’t think he’ll change the cadences, do you?”
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