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    Posted by Barrett<script language="JavaScript1.3" type="text/javascript"> document.write(timestamp(new Date(2004,3,13,21,33,0), dfrm, tfrm, 0, 0, 0, 0)); </script> (Member # 67) on 14-04-2004 04:33<noscript>April 13, 2004 09:33 PM</noscript>:

    It’s been a quiet week in Cuyahoga Falls…

    4:10 PM-It poured the whole way up 77 North to East 55th where I got off the freeway and began making my way through the Cleveland neighborhood that lies to the west of The Clinic. I had hoped for an easy trip while listening to some music but gave that up about five minutes in. I came here last month to scout out the location and get a sense of the group I’m to speak to in another hour. There were about thirty people present to hear a professor from Georgetown talk about the education of medical students in alternative and complementary methods of medical practice. He was not bad but I must admit the subject was a little dry-I suppose that accounts for the small turnout. I know the promotion for my talk today has been large and the subject is certainly a bit more intriguing. We’ll see.
    While here last time I found a well lit and quiet library a couple of floors removed from where I’m to go so I got here early to look through my notes and calm my heartbeat. Instead, I opened my laptop and I’m letting my heart race. As Fritz Perls said, “Fear is excitement without the breath.” I’m just going to sit here and make sure I breathe. I’ll be back sometime after the talk.
    Note-The following is completely true.
    8:32 PM-When I was a kid they would bus us into Cleveland from the suburbs to see a concert by the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall. This was a combination of one of the world’s greatest classical ensembles playing in one of the world’s premier concert venues. I remember quite clearly that the whole thing was always an enormous fiasco. Another way of describing the combination is this: Badly behaved, bored kids and a bunch of musicians playing light music they probably hated while they wished they were somewhere else.
    Last year they completed a 36 million dollar renovation of Severance Hall. That’s right, 36 million. I’m guessing it looks pretty good. I heard this morning that Deepak Chopra, the spokesman for Ayurvedic medicine, will appear there later this month. Here’s an actual example of his medical advice: For preventing and reversing cataracts-brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, spit into a cup of water, and wash your eyes for a few minutes with this mixture. As I said, completely true. You know that Deepak will just pack them in.
    I was told by the secretary in the offices near the classroom that they’d gotten quite a few phone calls about the lecture and they expected a good turnout. Five minutes after I was to begin 7 people sat quietly waiting and I was introduced. I spoke as if they were all I needed or wanted but there wasn’t a therapist among them and my enthusiasm was difficult to sustain. It must have shown somehow.
    There was one woman though. She sat up front, took careful notes and maintained an expression of intense interest and approval. Afterwards we spoke a bit and she told me her own painful problems made more sense in light of what I had said. She wants to see me professionally and we discussed that. “What do you do?” I asked, and when she answered I swear I kept a straight face. “I balance chakras,” she said.
    I went to my car, turned off the radio, and drove home in silence.
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