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  • CT Latest Weyand/Bundle Paper

    For those interested in the Bundle and Weyand lomcotion research, here is the latest:

    Sprint Exercise Performance: Does Metabolic Power Matter?

    The paper is a detailed analysis of some of the material he presented here in Illinois two years ago--when our clinic organizers put him in the cafeteria...

    There are some great lines in that paper. Here is one of my favorites:

    ‘‘It is obvious that we cannot pursue our (metabolic energy supply) argument to times below about 50 s,’’ because these performances are limited by factors ‘‘mechanical and nervous." Nonetheless, nearly a century after Hill published his conclusion, the supply-limit models he inspired continue to be applied to the very sprint performances that he recognized they could not explain."

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    Once you're at the SMU site, scroll down on the left and take a look at the videos. The slow-mo of the force tracings is especially significant. Note when forces peak. This is certainly not intuitive, since many believe there is a big "push-off" in the latter stages of the stance period.

    You will also see a clip of the testing done with paralympian Oscar Pistorius.


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      That slow motion video is fascinating.
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        Barry Ross was doing a seminar, and asked what he could do to get coaches and trainers to grasp that forces peak in the first third of stance, a concept that is just not intuitive to those who aren't studying locomtoion. I told him to simply keep replaying one of the SMU videos in the background as he was speaking.

        He kept that running on a big screen almost the whole time time. He let me know that, gradually during his presentation, more of those in attendance were getting it.